Generate awesome new playlists!

Let us generate new playlists based on your music taste, favorite artists, combined music taste with your friends, or even other playlists! We keep track of what you listen to, and generate new and exciting playlists for you to enjoy day after day.

“I get custom playlists generated for me every day, giving me more variety than I never knew I needed!”

Vickie J.
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Playlists that everybody will love!

Create a group of your friends, family or coworkers and get detailed analysis of your shared musical interests. Find out what your friends are listening to right now, create playlists contaning music that you all will enjoy, and find new music!

radioblendr Group Dashboard

What do you listen to?

Get insights into the music you listen to, find new artists, see who your friends are listening to, and much more!

“I can create blends based off of my favorite artists and get fresh playlists delivered straight to Spotify. I never have to skip a track!”

Erick M.
Create a radioblendr Blend